Make a Ladder Golf Game (how to)

Make a Ladder Golf Game (how to)

This video will show you how to make a Ladder Golf Game easy, fast, and cheap. Ladder Golf is also known by many other names like Redneck Golf, Rodeo Golf, Polish Horseshoes, Hillbilly Horseshoes, Hang-Em Golf, Boloball, Monkey Bar, and more. I work for a great company with great owners. Every year we have a company retreat and this year the owners of my company asked me to make some outdoor games to bring along. I have a few games in mind and in this video I’ll show you how to make a Ladder Golf Game. There are many “house” rules for this game but the basics are you set the ladders up 15 feet apart and you play in teams of 2. You throw the tethered golf balls and the top run is worth 3 middle rung is worth 2 and the bottom rung is worth 1 point. You must get to exactly 21. There are several sites that list all the rules. This game is fun for all ages and both girls and boys. True family fun.

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