Golf Course Management Strategy – How to Manage Your Game on New Courses

Golf Course Management Strategy – How to Manage Your Game on New Courses

Part 2

Okay playas, it’s time we stopped screwing ourselves on the golf course. At the Lost City Golf Course in Sun City, I show you some do’s and dont’s of golf course management. I show you the strategy and ideas I use and the ones you should avoid.


The golf stuff we use:


You can all start slashing strokes off by just hitting the ONE shot you are good at. I take on shots that I am just not good enough at yet. I bring out the high stress clubs and moer them all over the show.

I am Matt, I am a golf-addict and I hit a draw. Why can’t I just do that around the whole course? My ego!

If there are 9 pins cu toward the left of the green I cna attack them. If the other nine are on the right of the green, i can draw the ball off them and putt from the left side. It’s so stress-free.

Instead I still take on shots that I don’t know how to hit like fades with mid irons. You know what happens when you hit a shot you don’t know how to hit? You screw it up.

And you short side yourself. And with the compounding effect of high stress golf, you screw up the tee shot, into nowhereland. Then you need to gtet out of there with another high stress shot. Then you screw the hole. Then you screw the next hole and next thing you know, you’re destroyed 5 holes in a row on the bogey train.

CMON PLAYAS play to your strengths and DOMINATE by playing your game.