Best Golf Practice Session Tips

Best Golf Practice Session Tips

Range Session Tips – Golf lesson and golf tips on how to maximise the time spent at the range so that you can bring what you practice with you onto the course.

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When you go to the range, picture you are at a course you know well. Pretend you are standing on the first hole. Try to visualize what a fairway would be and how wide it would extend inside the range. Don’t treat the whole range as if it were all fairway. Pick some trees and define a fairway within.

Perform your normal real game pre shot routine making sure to pick up a target before hitting a shot. Make sure you have a good setup position, and swing as you would if you were on the first hole.

Now pretend you are where your drive landed and are faced with your second shot. Change your club and pick one that would take you to the imaginary green in your head. Execute it as you would in a real life scenario.

If you have missed your approach into the imaginary green, pretend that you need to chip into the green and actually execute a chip shot.

Overall, instead of hitting several balls using the same club before moving on to the next, practice changing clubs every shot you hit. This pattern matches the one you will actually see when playing for real on the course.

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