A Great Golf Swing Drill To Improve Consistency and Compression Like Gary Player

A Great Golf Swing Drill To Improve Consistency and Compression Like Gary Player

Great Golf Swing Drill To Improve Consistency and Compression – instant tips tips here; . Want more accuacy with Irons like Gary Player? Alex Fortey and Alistair Davies

How can we improve that contact?
The most crucial thing and frustrating thing I see with golfers all the time, they always come to me and says “My friend says I lift my head, and it’s one of the biggest miss in golf that people lift their head if that shot.

People tend to lean back a lot and lift their head so they have a very whole weight transfer that they transfer through the ball

The back is important too but the major importance is contact. What we tend to do is make throwing balls a surprise*. Even an arm stroke ball, like tennis, you have to move your weight through the hit in order to get good consistent contact.

And you decontrol tensed and* … what I want to see most golfers is try and forget what they made as a stint sometimes. You get some really good information from friends, you also get a lot of rich information and the biggest lie I hear all the time is you keep your head down.

You stand down and try and keep your head down and try making a swing. You know, I’ll try one here. If I keep my head down, I cannot move forward.
Transferring the weight so important as it allows the clubs to move through the shot in extent.
Basically, we are trying to send the ball that way. We’re not trying default at the ball here. We’re not trying to hammer a nail in here; we’re trying to send something that way. So movement has to be that way.
It restricts all our motion, it restricts our *plausible judgment, distant part of it but more importantly for what we are talking about today is contact.
If we staying back here we tense our arms buckle and the club bocks straight through the shot and therefore our radius, just like you are having to hammer a nail. If your radius is changing spun..you are equally misled.
We are trying to get a constant contact to make you more consistent, I think is the keyword. We need contact and distance control and then you can work off what you don’t know*..It’s a bit more for direction purposes.
What to do to improve their weight transfer or stop fighting keeping their head down.
We are going to give you one very simple drill you can do as practice swing and just get a shot more or you can do as hitting balls as well for the rest of that level and do it in the rang. We are going to give you one simple drill that is called ‘the walk after drill’. A lot of people associate it with Gary play.
The Gary Play drill is another word for it. I mean it’s very effective.
So let me grab a ball and we’ll do it. If I take my normal address position and take a normal swing..I just let my right foot to go on top of my left foot and on the march am going right to the edge of my right foot.
As for me, it crosses and goes over the left foot, so there’s going to be a bit of rotation
So I’m going to walk after it as I hit the ball.
Well, since it’s going to allow the arm stretch more, so you get kind of driving through the ball, you keep that kind of radius. If I don’t stand through the ball, the club is going to want to do this(club lifts) as my head still stays down and I go back this way, everything is moving backwards, so I tend to hit the ground before the ball , I’ll tend to swing up a little bit too much and then hit the ball…
You are likely to get that important ball first kind of contact and free flowing energy going that way which is going to improve the contact.
If people tried this at home, and they already struggled stepping over it, they’ll know they’re not transferring their weight.
So if you want to know, do I do it, do I not, try more walking up, practice swing and if it’s pretty difficult and then you know you are not transferring your weight enough.
Excellent, so there you go guys, do the Gary Player walkthrough and you going to be striking a lot better. Golf some more as well.