3 Easy Chipping Tips Any Golfer Can Use

3 Easy Chipping Tips Any Golfer Can Use

Are you still struggling with Chipping? We cover the 3 most important areas of chipping to help you achieve your Tour Precision!

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Are you making these Common Chipping Mistakes?

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There are 3 main categories when talking about chipping more consistently:

1. Club Selection

Unless you are able to practice regularly, stick with 1 or 2 main clubs on all chip shots, typically a pitching wedge and a lob or sand wedge. Getting a feel for 1 or 2 clubs is going to be easier than trying to master 3 or 4 for each specific situation or lie.
Pitching Wedge – use when you want to get the ball on the ground sooner and rolling out more (more of a bump and run technique)
Lob or Sand Wedge – for shots that travel farther in the air with less roll out (more of a high soft shot or flop shot)

2. Setup

Feet closer together, pressure slightly forward, hands basically in line with the ball. A common mistake is to have the hands way too far in front, which de-lofts the club, resulting in a lot of golfers hitting down too much on the ball and chunking the shot.
Ball position should be pretty center of the stance, back a little bit if you’re in a bad lie or thick rough.

3. Motion

When you take the club back, make sure the club head stays outside the hands. Swinging around the body or dragging the club inside tends to make golfers hit behind the ball and chunk the shot.
Swing more high to low, rather than low to high. Low to high motion results in a flipping motion, which can cause a bladed shot.


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